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Employee Success

Plan participants don't care whether the overall plan is successful, they care whether they are successful. Garde Capital understands that each and every participant is unique, and each and every participant has their own set of personal circumstances.

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One Participant at a Time

To meet the varied needs of participants, every participant receives retirement planning tools, such as goal setting scenarios, investment research, education, and investment advice. Participants have the opportunity to explore online research reports about their investment options, articles on investing fundamentals, and retirement planning.

For Participants We Can:

Provide a Retirement Strategy Overview:

Review Your Strategy

Execute a Strategy:

One-On-One Enrollment and Annual Review

Retirement Strategy

As it turns out, the more involved a participant is with their retirement, the higher the likelihood of success.

Many employees can be intimidated by the task of planning for retirement, while others may be skilled investors. At Garde Capital, we have solutions for the most sophisticated participant, and for the one just beginning their journey. Employees often work a lifetime to earn financial freedom in retirement, we believe every participant deserves a fair and equitable opportunity to achieve their retirement goals.


The best 401(k) plan possible would be a failure without active participation and engagement on behalf of the employees. It's important for each and every employee to get the attention they need, with thoughtful planning and engagement, our goal is that every participant retire with dignity and financial pride, for the many years of service and commitment they have provided.