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Estate and Trust Planning

When a person or family successfully accumulates assets, a necessary responsibility is the care and diligence of the structure and cascade in transferring those assets to subsequent generations, other individuals or entities, and charitable desires.

Like Garde Capital's diligence in investment and financial planning matters, estate and trust planning is no different. We use specialized experts to give our clients the highest quality of work, eliminate conflicts of interests (like insurance salespeople acting as estate planners), and have the experts be independent in the advice they give. This means using specialized estate planning attorneys from within the communities we serve to meet your needs.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Although this list is not exhaustive, we believe the following estate planning attorneys have proven themselves as leaders in the estate and trust, and ERISA community (in firm alphabetical order):

Devitt Barnett ‐ ERISA Trust
Birmingham Thorson Barnett
601 Union Street, Suite 3315
Seattle, WA 98101

Eric Fahlman ‐ Estate and Trust
Fahlman Olson
1524 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98101

Jim Treadwell ‐ Estate and Trust
Karr Tuttle Campbell
1201 3rd Ave., Suite 2900
Seattle, WA 98101

Jan Cunningham ‐ Estate and Trust
Perkins Coie
1201 3rd Ave, Suite 5500
Seattle, WA 98101

Col Betz ‐ Estate and Trust
Perkins Coie
1201 3rd Ave, Suite 5500
Seattle, WA 98101

Barbara Sherland ‐ Estate and Trust
Stoel Rives LLP Attorneys at Law
600 University, Suite 3600
Seattle, WA 98101

Topics to Consider in Estate Planning

Conflicts of Interest with Insurance Sales People

Many financial institutions claim to offer Estate Planning services. Many times this Estate Planning service is financially housed within their insurance department. And often, the client facing advisor isn't even aware of how this service is financially accounted for or incentivized, but they usually do know that if they can have a client walk through their planning process, it often ends up that the client needs life insurance, and they just so happen to sell life insurance, and this is usually associated with a large commission to them.


Garde believes that the Estate Planning process needs to be independent and unbiased, not driven by a financial product. We further believe this can only be done with a third party legal expert that has a fiduciary obligation, and an obligation of loyalty and competence, to do what's best for the client.

Specific Items

When our clients go through the Estate Planning process with the appropriate legal professional, some of the issues addressed are:

Garde also strongly believes that a CPA should be included in the process to address and analyze special tax considerations and other important financial matters.

Estate Planning Conclusion

Through competent and diligent planning, your investment manager, accountant, and your estate attorney, should all be involved in a continuous process to assure you of intentionally and mindfully creating the desired outcome you deserve.