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Efficiently Harnessing Market Returns for Investors.

The Importance of a Holistic Approach

Garde's core competency is index based investment management services. However, to assure clients of getting the most out of their investment portfolio, and their financial life, one's investment portfolio must be part of a larger holistic approach. With over 70 years of experience from Garde's partners, we've developed Total Garde (tm), a comprehensive financial management program, for families and individuals, that bring together all aspects of the affluent investor's financial needs. For individuals and families with $5 million or more in investable assets, we bring you;

Total Garde (tm) was designed for individuals and families that would like Family Office Services without the cost or management responsibilities of actually running a family office.

The Importance of Doing it Right

When you've accumulated capital that can't be easily replaced (we believe all capital is not easily replaced), the importance of making good decisions is magnified, we understand this. For that reason, the safeguards that should be put in place are not just a single professional or firm, but a concert of competent professionals to compliment one another's specialized expertise, as well as create cross-professional oversight to assure strong governance. Who should these professionals be?

The value of finding the right people for your needs is critical to your success, and having these people cohesively work together is just as important. By utilizing Total Garde (tm), you leverage the experience of our professional network to be certain that the right professional expert, is working with the right professional expert, together, to be part of your team, and deliver the result that you as a discerning consumer of financial services require.