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Efficiently Harnessing Market Returns for Investors.

Fiduciary Investment Management

A Challenging Endeavor for even the Best Trustees

For many Trustees, being the responsible party for the retirement assets of hundreds or even thousands of employees can feel like a never ending battle. From being versed in capital markets and economics, to the nuance of performance measurement, and it may not be your primary professional skill.

At Garde Capital we understand the demands placed on Trustees and are sensitive to create high performing, efficient, and understandable, investment solutions. This gives trustees the fiduciary standards they require, while delivering to participants the investment vehicles needed. We aim to satisfy the most demanding sophisticated investor, and the novice new investor.

Our Core Services ‐ Investment Management

Garde Capital's investment philosophy is index based. We believe consistently finding funds or investment managers that outperform in the future is a challenging endeavor at best, and is a financial disaster at worst. For plan sponsors, we believe the decision to index couldn't be easier. For a Trustee specifically, we think of the decision this way:

Investment Services

Retirement Plan Sponsors have special needs that not all investment advisors are prepared to satisfy. We believe it's critical to be sure that your advisor has the experience and resources needed, assuring that your fiduciary and investment needs are satisfied.

At Garde Capital, the participants' success is the plan sponsor's success, and the plan sponsor's success is our success. Talk to us today.