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The Importance of Saving

Modern society through the ownership of assets and the recognition of debt has created a wonderful mechanism whereby earning money from work can be disconnected from the spending of money when one can't work. Without this, almost all principals of economics would break down. Society has created this social understanding of asset ownership, and borrowing and lending, to create an incredibly rich economic system whereby people, if they choose, can simply live from their assets instead of their labor, intellectual or physical.

Long Term Benefits of Savings

You have the Choice

Unfortunately, to get to a position where your money is doing the work for you, instead of you doing the work yourself, you must defer the joy and gratification that money brings in spending it today, and have confidence that tomorrow's joy will be much greater.

Unfortunately for some people this resistance is too much. Today's needs can seem overwhelmingly important and the idea of deferring for the future is just not possible and can wait. For children, a good example of this deferred gratification concept is the marshmallow test. This test simply asks children to forego one marshmallow today, for two marshmallows tomorrow. Some children make it, many don't.

For adults, instead of the prize being two marshmallows, it's a more serious prize, retirement. The game is wealthy down the road, or not wealthy down the road. But the sacrifice is many marshmallows in order to achieve their goal of becoming wealthy, and that's not always easy. Think about what your marshmallow is what is so tempting that it must be eaten today? A nicer house, a new car, a new computer or phone, a beautiful pair of shoes?


A recently published book, The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of It, by author and Psychologist Kelly McGonigal Ph.D., does a wonderful job of helping us understand willpower. In one of many observations, she describes how as humans we have a wanting instinct built into our being. This worked great for pre-historic times when hoarding would be the difference between life and death, but today, this may leave us perpetually broke. This helps explains the all too often let down of why the perception of possessing the item seemed so much better than actually possessing the item, and why something else is now wanted. If we understand that this is an instinctual feeling, we may be better at deferring our gratification need.


The most important decision one can make, following a decision to be physically healthy, is to be financially healthy. For your family, the best gift you can give your children is financial independence of yourself and the example of how to resist that marshmallow.

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