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The Happiness Equation

Why do we invest? If we asked 100 people this question we are likely to get many different responses. Those responses will vary based on upbringing and family characteristics, personality type, professional experience, and most importantly where the investor is in their own life journey.

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Selecting an Investment Advisor: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

Choosing an investment advisor for an endowment portfolio can be a daunting task for many organizations. Whatever the reason, here are some suggestions that can help your board get unstuck and proceed with the rewarding experience of properly managing an investment portfolio.

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Social Security: To Delay or Not Delay

For some, social security will not seem like a major factor in the retirement income picture. For others, it may be far more important. Either way, the present value of a potential 30 year stream of payments in retirement is a meaningful number, and the decision of when to begin receiving that income is a subject that we would like to explore.

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