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Your life is unique—so is our approach

Your life is unique—so is our approach

In an industry obsessed with numbers, we’re more interested in you. To us, your life is a story, not a spreadsheet. Which is why the Garde Process begins with a discovery session that doesn’t end until your complete personal and financial picture comes into focus. Through our elegant, proprietary service model we map out your key concerns and address them in a holistic way, mindful of what’s best for you and your family. Creating a custom financial framework built on trust and long-term gain is more than smart planning, it’s the Garde Way.

A comprehensive suite of solutions focused on you

A comprehensive suite of solutions focused on you

A Garde partnership is like having a private CFO who acts as a trusted family fiduciary. By addressing every aspect of your financial picture with a customizable range of expertise, we remove the hassle of dealing with an unorganized band of CPAs, lawyers, and advisors. The result? Unparalleled service and true peace of mind.

Short and Long-Term Planning
The Garde process considers every aspect of your financial trajectory, from past events and daily patterns to what’s really important to you and your family. Because every client relationship begins with a plan, we’ll chart your goals, strengths, and values before we tailor and execute a practical, long-term strategy.

Portfolio Management
We believe your investments are an extension of yourself, and a good advisor is one who helps make thoughtful decisions that reflect your unique values and goals. Through carefully informed and responsive strategies, the Garde process aligns with your personal investing approach to assess your risk and create a portfolio that is right for you.

Equity Compensation
Managing stock and equity compensation benefits that best rewards your hard work and loyalty can be challenging and confusing. We’ll help decode the jargon, calculate your risks and maximize your long-term benefits.

Wealth Enhancement and Tax Efficiency
Keeping your wealth intact is as important as generating it in the first place. By aligning with your interests, we navigate the laws, codes, and regulations affecting your bottom line, minimize your tax burden and maximize your personal security.

Wealth Transfer
In an uncertain future, assurance that your legacy will be transferred in accordance with an established vision is important. By understanding that vision inside and out, we provide wealth-transfer advice you can trust.

Wealth Protection
Assessing and addressing the ways in which you might be vulnerable to loss as a result of fraud, litigation and marriage dissolution is part of our comprehensive approach to wealth management. We’ll watch your back so you don’t have to.

Charitable Giving
Philanthropic service is often at the heart of a life well-lived, but navigating the waters of thoughtful, responsible giving can be time stressful and time-consuming. At Garde, we honor your principles and make charitable giving as easy and gratifying as it’s meant to be.

We know you want what’s best for everyone in your organization, because their success is a driver of your company’s success. The Garde Process builds holistic, adaptive strategies to give you and every member of your organization the best shot at a bright future.

A partnership focused on you—that’s the Garde Way

A partnership focused on you—that’s the Garde Way

There are many facets to your financial life. Taxes, wills, investments and charitable giving all need specialized attention and can pull you in different directions. At Garde, we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management that carefully considers every one of your assets, responsibilities, and concerns and addresses them with a single, efficient service built around your unique values and goals. We take the worry out of wealth management so you can be free to live your best life.

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