Corporate Retirement Plans

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Corporate retirement plans are a great idea. A clear path toward the prosperous financial future of your team is even better.

Corporate retirement plans are a great idea. A clear path toward the prosperous financial future of your team is even better.

We are committed to helping you build the best possible future for your organization. Together we’ll create a custom strategy to increase participation, maximize security and generate the very best shared, long-term benefit.

Retirement plans should ensure you get rewarded for your hard work. The garde process makes it easy.

Retirement plans should ensure you get rewarded for your hard work. The garde process makes it easy.

A plan with purpose, clear understanding, simplified implementation and maintenance, and consistency with your corporate culture, can be the difference between successfully propelling your organization forward, or being constantly caught in the day to day minutia of technical details and wasted time. Our expert guidance and accessibility, combine to give your internal plan administrators the ability to lead, and your plan participants, the power to succeed.

Investment policy statement design and consultation
As the beginning of your fiduciary strategy, a strong investment policy statement is your roadmap to financial success. With the comprehensive guidance built into the Garde Process, you can be sure your IPS will be driven by your values and with the success of your plan in mind. Whether it’s your own or one we help you create, a solid IPS will help guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your organization.

Plan design and consultation
You want value for your organization and your participants want retirement success. We’ll help you get both. We design and deliver investment platforms incorporating QDIA’s, model portfolios, and appropriate and efficient fund selection built on sound academic data combined with powerful performance monitoring and reporting for your fiduciary obligations. The Garde Process takes a fundamental, experienced approach to index-based investing to put the power of success in your hands—where it belongs.

Fiduciary and capital market education
As a Registered Investment Advisor, Garde Capital not only shares your fiduciary obligation but will make sure you understand that role and why it’s important. We’ll cut through the clutter to clearly explain the various types of responsibilities, rules, and roles as they pertain to you and your retirement plan. Bottom line—we’re in this together.

Investment selection
Choosing the right investment strategy to suit your needs shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. We specialize in all types of defined contribution plans, from 401k profit sharing plans to cash balance plans, we will provide you with expert guidance through a prudent, pain-free selection process. Our process involves diversification, keeping costs as low as possible, creating simplified implementation strategies for busy participants, as well as academically sound and intellectually rigorous options for more complex situations, all based on our core index philosophy.

Participant education services
Without employee participation, even the best retirement plans lose their power. Through thoughtful, behavioral approaches to education, participants can be empowered to maximize the benefits of their retirement plan and build the best possible future for their families and themselves. Whether your employees are experienced investors or just getting started, our solutions provide every participant with an equal opportunity to succeed. We work hand in hand with your record keeper for targeted participant communication, coupling that with group related educational sessions, and one-on-one enrollment and planning meetings. We further track this participant value through a Net Promotor Score system averaging over 9.5 out of a possible 10 over the last 3 years.

You already know what you need. We’ll help you get it.

You already know what you need. We’ll help you get it.

The Garde Process is not something you’ll watch happen; it’s an immersive, synergistic relationship that keeps your needs, values, and vision in mind. Our experience has taught us a lot about wealth management, but it’s also taught us that there’s no substitute for a shared perspective.

For us, wealth management is a process, not an event. We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your situation and move forward after we have a complete understanding of your financial picture, from immediate concerns to long-range goals. We work to learn where you are, where you are going — and construct a detailed roadmap to take you there.

Our extensive evaluation becomes the foundation for a customized wealth management strategy targeted to your specific needs and built around you living your best life.

Your story doesn’t end there, and neither does our part in it. We remain by your side, conducting reviews to keep you on track with education, guidance and regular progress updates.

Our relationship management model is not just about customer service, it’s about the value of lifelong relationships built on trust, competence and security.

It’s the Garde Way.

Your long-term financial future is our main concern
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A fresh perspective is always a good idea, especially when it's given by some of the best minds in the business. Give us ninety minutes and you'll see what makes the Garde Way so unique; It's what happens when unparalleled experience meets the long lost art of listening.

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